Genko Nito Ryu

An effective new style focusing on fighting and applicability, developed by Niina-Soke, using two swords.


Cuttingtest to ensure correct execution and quality of technique.


Nito Ryu Kenjutsu

Genko Nito Ryu is an effective two-sword Kenjutsu style, the natural use of both arms makes it very accesible even for beginners.

Nito Ryu Kenjutsu

Mugai Ryu Kata

Forms that have been passed down for generations, aiming to hone ones body control, technique and awareness.


Ju Kumitachi

The Kendo-like appliance of sword fighting with safety-swords and protective gear in free-fight.


Gyokushin Shinto Ryu

A style restricted to the use of the shortsword with the left hand, developed by Niina-Soke.

Mugai Ryu Kenjutsu

Essential techniques and principles taught with the wooden sword for fighting-applications with a partner.



Juu-Kumitachi also known as Kendo

We teach Kendo similar free-fighting next to the Kumitachi and Kenjutsu training, which can be understood as a parner technique exercise. For this training safety waepons are used, which have a similar weight, form and handling to a real blade.

Kendo Köln

The free-fight we teach in the Mugai Ryu curriculum differs to Kendo mainly in rules. While the focus in Kendo is the competition with fixed rules, we fight without them in the Juu-Kumitachi training. This type of training is closer to a real fight and the type of fighting the Samurai did in old days.

Stockkampf in Köln

The student should try to use all learned Mugai Ryu principles of the aspects of Iaido, Kenjutsu and Tameshigiri in the fighting classes. The techniques should be clean, cutting movements and even fist-, kick- or throwing-techniques are used. Of course safety is an issue with high importance so we use safety equipment such as a helmet and gloves.

Free-fighting is an optional path in the Mugai Ryu curriculum and every student can choose if he wants to join or not. Limits and fears get very clear in a fight and it gets possible to beat them. It is also very interesting and important to check if the trained techniques work in an actual fight and to try the sense of distance, timing and technique. It is also a lot of fun for everybody.

Kampfkunst Köln - Kendo